Johnny’s Guide to Making a Bucket Lantern

Bright idea!

For about $11 and a little ingenuity, you can make a bucket lantern for your camp site. Thanks to Paul from Denton, Texas, our camping neighbor at Buffalo Point National Park in Arkansas,  Johnny learned a few quick tricks to turn a regular off-the-shelf bucket into the perfect light source for our next outdoor adventure. The benefits of bucket lighting are achieving a soft light at your campsite without the glare of a glass lantern. You might even use the bucket to pack and transport some of your other camping necessities.

And, we’ve seen these lanterns made out of orange buckets for Halloween with a witch, cat face or other spooky image cut out of the bucket!


  • 1 five-gallon white bucket with lid
  • 1 100-watt fluorescent daylight bulb
  • 1 light socket outlet
  • 1 male cord plug
  • drill bit the size of your light socket outlet wire

How To…

Step 1. Drill two holes in the center of bucket lid the size of the wire on your utility light socket outlet. The holes should be drilled 1/2 inch apart.

Step 2: Feed the wires of your utility socket outlet through the holes so that the wires exit through the top of the lid. And then, attach wires to the male plug.

Utility Light Socket

Step 3: Screw in light blub to the utility socket.

Step 4: Secure the lid onto the top of the bucket. Plug into extension cord.

Presto! You’re the coolest cat at camp!

Want more?

Texas Bow Hunters step-by-step guide to making an RV/camping light

MadeMan’s How to Make A 5 Gallon Bucket Hanging Camping Light

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One thought on “Johnny’s Guide to Making a Bucket Lantern

  1. Jane

    just stopped by to see what you are up to…love the bucket light idea. So simple to make but so useful…will pass this idea on to campers in my family. Enjoy your travels…will definitely keep up with you

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